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UPDATED: Ongoing internal investigation by Security Forces in connection with Ħal Far murder

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has announced that an internal investigation is under way, with the assistance of the security forces, in connection with the murder of an immigrant a month ago, in which the main suspects are two soldiers of the Armed Forces.

The Prime Minister stressed that these suspects do not represent the ethos of the Armed Forces, who are carrying out important work in society.

The Prime Minister added that it has to be established, however, whether this is a case of isolated, rogue individuals, or whether they are part of a wider circle.

The Prime Minister also thanked the Police for their efforts, and stressed that the Police investigation shows Malta is a safe place for everyone, and should remain so.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister stated that words of hatred and division have no place in our society, adding that this was a strong signal to those who instigate hatred and who see the consequences of these sentiments.

Dr Muscat stated that Government will remain committed to calling for unity among all Maltese and those living in Malta.

The Leader of the Opposition requests an independent investigation

In a tweet, the Leader of the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia, said the PN condemns racial discrimination and violence and in the name of the Party requested an investigation that is transparent and independent.

While thanking and praising the good work carried out by the Police, Dr Delia said that great efforts are needed to ensure that Malta becomes a safe place.


The President conveys sentiments of regret in the name of the Maltese people

President George Vella also spoke about the case and reminded that people have to be presumed to be innocent until such a time they are proven guilty. He said the case should not reflect on the country’s disciplinary forces and neither does it reflect the sentiments of the Maltese people and therefore in the name of the people he wanted to convey to all immigrants and foreigners in Malta his sincere wishes and great regrets about the case.

The President warned about the dangers that may result from wild words and expressions of a racial, xenophobic or extremist nature. He said the country should reflect and create a sincere dialogue about the country’s future as a multiethnic, multicultural and tolerant community.

He also augured that calm remains uppermost and that this ugly incident brings people together and will not be used to create further division in society.

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