Online clothes shopping: Malta ranked in second place

The purchase of products online has become very popular and convenient for the Maltese. Statistics issued by Eurostat show that after the British, it is the Maltese who have bought the most clothes over the Internet from among all other European citizens.

From this research it emerges that sports products and clothing are the most popular goods being purchased online. The statistics show that 74% of the British this year bought clothes online from Internet shops, while the Maltese at 72%, are a close second.

In the nine other European countries, internet shopping is used mostly for travelling and tourist accommodation. The Eurostat survey found that practically half of European citizens this year bought products online. However, the study also showed that between one country and another there are substantial variations in the types of products purchased over the Internet.

In the case of Malta, Eurostat said that 72% bought clothes, 49% booked their holiday, 27% bought toys or products for the home, 32% booked tickets for an event and 36% bought books or magazines online.