Online shopping is convenient but you have to be very careful

Among the number of commodities which we have learned to depend on, there is the Internet.  Online shopping has increased considerably over the years. Although you find those who still prefer to go to the shops themselves when they need something, many find it more comfortable to shop online because you can get what you need quickly without having to leave your home. 

Despite this, not everything which is convenient is necessarily perfect. Apart from its many benefits, online shopping has inherent risks which one should be wary of.

In a video produced by Cyber Security Malta within the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), information is given on what one should do for peace of mind while shopping online. Apart from anything else, one needs to be very careful to use only genuine websites by checking what other people on the Internet have said about buying from this same website. 

It is also important to ensure that the website begins with “https” or has the locked padlock symbol. Where possible one should use only known payment gateways because they give you better control over your transactions and also offer remedies if something goes wrong. 

For this reason you should always be vigilant while using online services.