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Opening of scheme for rental to Government of private properties for housing

Today sees the opening of a Government scheme for private property owners who wish to rent them to Government for social accommodation. Interested parties are to submit their applications to the Housing Authority.

The scheme, known as Nikru biex Nassistu (Let us Rent to Assist), was launched in the past days with the aim of increasing the number of buildings within the responsibility of the Housing Authority, for these buildings to be later rented out at subsidised rates to those on a waiting list for social accommodation.

The scheme is open to owners of finished or shell properties, and with planning permits approved by the Housing Authority. Owners of properties still on plan but approved by the Housing Authority are also eligible to apply, as long as the properties are handed over to the Housing Authority in a finished state. If an application is chosen by a specially set up board, a contract is signed with a ten-year validity period.

Incentives being offered by Government to interested parties include exemption from all income tax on rent paid to the owners for the property in question, and a rental increase at a fixed rate of 2% per annum. This besides the fact that the agreement will mean a guaranteed income for the applicant.

Criteria being considered during the processing of applications include the condition and the layout of the property, the quality of finishes, locality, accessibility, and use of efficient energy.

A statement issued by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Social Accommodation says that applications, together with conditions and requisites, can be collected from the Housing Authority at 22, Pietro Floriani Street, Floriana.



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