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Opens Court case after winning €820,000 in Quaterno draw and throwing away ticket

A woman has gone to Court with a request to be given the jackpot prize in the Quaterno draw which she won on 18 May, after having thrown away the ticket at a time when she had been admitted to hospital because of a serious medical condition.

51-year-old Natalie Bonnici is insisting she has enough evidence through a ticket which had been scanned from the winning ticket, and says Maltco can confirm through the barcode that she is truly the winner of the ticket purchased in Qawra, and linked to a prize of 820,000 euro.

Bonnici stated in her plea that she had played her usual group of numbers, and on the day following the draw, her son had been admitted to hospital. Two days later she herself was also hospitalised, and had undergone an intervention for a serious medical condition.

When Bonnici was discharged from hospital and went to play her usual numbers, she handed over the old tickets, as she usually did, to the lotto receiver, who scanned and discarded them after issuing new tickets. Bonnici stated that after what she had been through, she had been distracted and had not realised she had been holding the winning ticket.

Bonnici is calling on the Court to order Maltco to preserve the data in their system which shows she is truly the winner, and also so that the prize money is not passed on to the Just Causes Fund before the case is concluded.

Mrs Bonnici is being represented by lawyer Carlos Bugeja.

TVM contacted Maltco for a reaction. More details as and when available.

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