First robot operation in Malta to remove prostate cancer

At Mater Dei Hospital the first-ever robotic operation has been performed on a patient suffering prostate cancer, an operation for which previously patients had to be sent overseas to be performed.

Two months after being operated, Glen Falzon met Mario Bilocca, the first Maltese patient to have undergone such an operation who said that thanks to a robot surgeon he is now leading a more peaceful life.

On Tuesday, 25th May, surgeons at Mater Dei prepared the robot to carry out the first-ever such operation in Malta.

The prostate is most delicate in the human body. Alongside it there are nerves that cannot be damaged but the robot surgeon performs this operation with more exactitude. Contrary to previous procedures where a gash had to be done to the body, four places are identified around the belly, small wounds are inflicted and the robot inserts the needed interventions.

The operation was spread over three hours and 64-year-old Mario Bilocca was the first patient. He said that after eight weeks he can now go out and go to the sea and now lives a normal life. He was discharged from hospital two day after his operation.

Mario Bilocca first became aware of his prostate cancer five years ago. This almost left him legless and effected his sense of direction. Had he not been robot-operated, Mario would have had to go to the UK to have his cancer removed but now this technology has avoided all the hassle and he remained at home surrounded by his family.

It is planned that more robot operations be performed in areas such as the liver and in ears.