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Opportunity for Local Councils and entities wishing to carry out environmental projects

Another opportunity is being afforded to Local Councils and entities wishing to embark on environmental projects with the aim of making their localities greener. Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia announced a reform in the Planning Authority Development Fund, for the Fund to allocate funds for environmental projects by Local Councils and other entities.

Reform in the Planning Authority Development Fund will help Local Councils carry out environmental projects to embellish their localities from funds raised through processes on permits issued by the Planning Authority. Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia stated that this reform will boost the commitment and financing for maintenance and for environmental projects like wall gardens and public spaces.

“They would normally get 70% of the project as co-financing; this time around, we are saying that if Local Councils produce environmental projects, they will be reimbursed 100% of their expenditure. If they go for vertical green walls which we are promoting, they will get 105%, which is over and above, to cover maintenance.”

Minister Farrugia stated that this reform will strengthen concepts like Green Your Life and Grey to Green, with the aim of giving an environmental push to localities for the benefit of residents. This initiative is yet another link in the Planning Authority’s environmental vision.

“The Authority will be witnessing another reform in the Development Planning Fund, which was set up by law in 2016. This will be an important reform for Local Councils, these being the biggest beneficiaries of the fund.”

The reform will make it possible for Non-Governmental Organisations to have 20% of the funds allocated for their use, and the fund allocated for projects for the benefit of disabled persons will increase by 10%.

Minister Farrugia stated that every Local Council can now benefit, up to a maximum of seven million euro, so that environmental projects will mitigate the effects of urban development. And the “Sebbaħ il-Lokal” (Beautify the Locality) initiative will be extended to December 2022, to further embellish the environment in localities.


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