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Opposition Leader: a visionless budget with no traffic plan

Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia said that this budget had no vision, was bereft of ideas and new solutions. During a post-budget Press conference, Dr. Delia said that this budget had simply recycled promises that were not carried out in previous years. Adrian Delia said the budget for the coming year did not include any measure that would alleviate the burden of the cost of living and said that the increase in the cost of living did not even cover a weekly grocery purchase.

Dr. Delia said that the budget contained no plan or vision to address traffic, the population increase or air pollution and did not provide a solution on how to attract other banks to the country.

On the educational front, the Leader of the Opposition said that Maltese teachers were the lowest paid in Europe and argued that the budget did not address the problems in education: unlike Nationalist governments who built a new school each year, this Government was not investing in education.

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