UPDATED: Budget will make no difference for those who cannot make ends meet – Adrian Delia

In his first reaction to the 2019 Budget, Opposition leader Adrian Delia declared that this is a Budget which addresses problems in a cosmetic manner, and that it has no long term plans.

Dr Delia added that the 2.33 euro weekly cost of living increase has already been eroded by increases in food and fuel. Dr Delia further stated that the majority of the Maltese are not benefiting from the wealth being created by the country, and Maltese workers are ending up working for low salaries which are affecting their quality of life.

Dr Delia declared that the problems which the Government has been denying for many years are now clear, and mentioned as examples cheap labour, pressure on salaries, high rents, inadequate pensions, environmental problems and problems in the education and health sectors.

“Those who today cannot cope with the high cost of living after this Budget will continue to suffer, those who cannot afford to rent will still not be able to afford it, those who wish to buy property will still find it too expensive for their means, and will still find that the banks will refuse to give them a loan. Those who are pensioners and cannot cope with the cost of living after this Budget will still be unable to make ends meet,” he pointed out.

He said that the Budget is not doing anything to address these problems and instead, more foreign workers will continue to be imported who will continue to overpopulate the country. He said that this will have a negative impact on Maltese employees because of the low pay being offered, which means that the unions are unable to negotiate with employers.

Dr Delia said that the housing problem will continue to increase if the Government does not reduce the number of foreign workers coming to work in the country.

Turning to infrastructure, Dr Delia said that the Government is not working on a new network and instead is just widening the roads.

Dr Delia said that the PN will guarantee that every person in Malta and Gozo will have a roof over their heads and every cent which has been stolen from utility bills will be paid back.

Speaking about Blockchain, Dr Delia said that it is good that this industry is growing in Malta, but that the Government should stop causing damage to this important sector for the country.


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