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Opposition Leader says Government is wasting millions in shady contracts

Opposition and Nationalist Party Leader Delia has stated that this Government is still wasting millions in shady contracts, when there are people who cannot make ends meet until the end of the month. In light of two electoral appointments this year, Dr Delia stated that those who believed this Government is corrupt and still won’t go and cast their vote, will be voting for Joseph Muscat.

Dr Delia stated that the media had spent four weeks writing about him, and it was only today they had started tackling what he has been mentioning for months, this being the Vitals contract for the running of the hospitals, about which he has gone to Court with a case against Government. Dr Delia added that this was a contract involving 2,000 million euro to a company whose only talent had been to transfer this contract to third parties for one euro. Dr Delia further stated it had now emerged the company’s shares had been used to purchase the Technoline company after giving it exclusivity for all hospital equipment to be purchased from this same company.

During a political activity in Birkirkara, the Nationalist Leader mentioned that Minister Fearne had not agreed with the contract signed by Konrad Mizzi, and asked the Prime Minister intended doing about this. Delia added that this was why he had instituted a Court case, so that the hospitals would be handed back to the people. The Nationalist Leader stated that the Prime Minister did not even want to defend himself in this case, as he had asked not to be a party to it.

Referring to the Corinthia land, Dr Delia said Minister Konrad Mizzi had badly negotiated the handing over of public land for this to be changed from a tourism use to one of speculation and building which would render great profits. He added that pressure was being put for this land transfer to go ahead. Dr Delia said corruption had become an issue which is effecting people every day, as a few in the inner circle get rich through these contacts, whilst the elderly are not even making ends meet on their pensions.

Dr Delia said Government could not hand over land to private interests and at the same time hold back from building social housing for the 3,000 families in need. The speaker added that Government had not managed to transfer the wealth it says it is creating into the pockets of the 72,000 persons at risk of poverty. The speaker criticised Government for not caring about farmers and local produce.

The Nationalist Leader stated that the Nationalist Party has a hard nut to crack in the May elections, but it had the benefit of being equipped for this. He said the party is convinced that once again, when the country needs the Nationalist Party, it will be there in a strong position, and the time will come when it will surely win.


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