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Opposition leader should request Magisterial inquiry on allegations made about him – PM

Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat has stated that the Opposition leader should request a Magisterial inquiry regarding allegations made about him, and which are implying the existence of his falsified signatures, in order to establish whether this is true. Dr Muscat said this Government would continue to implement historic changes, including measures to have more female representation in Parliament and to implement the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

The Prime Minister declared that this Government is successful because it has never feared change. Government, Dr Muscat added, will carry out another historic change when it separates the functions of the Attorney General. Dr Muscat said this reform will be carried out in less than 100 days since the Venice Commission presented its recommendations. This Commission, the Prime Minister stated, had not found anything to criticise in laws introduced by this Government, but rather, criticised laws which have been there for years and about which the Nationalist Government had not done anything.

During a political activity in Marsascala, the Prime Minister said one does not speak about the rule of law, but rather, one practices it and is consistent about it. Dr Muscat added that he would not comment about allegations being faced by Opposition leader Adrian Delia. The speaker added that had similar allegations been made about someone in Government, there would already be people out on the streets, and in this regard he asked whether Dr Delia’s colleagues,who acted very quickly in the wake of reports about him and his family, would be doing the same about Dr Delia. Dr Muscat appealed to the Nationalist leader to go to a Magistrate and place himself under investigation.

Regarding the appointment of a new President, the Prime Miniser noted this would be the third time Parliament would be voting together in favour of the nominated person. Dr Muscat referred to an international report which showed that Malta had placed first worldwide on equality laws for LGBTIQ persons. This Government, the speaker added, will now work for equality through measures for more female representation in Parliament. The Prime Minister added he would not be surprised at criticism from conservative elements who had also come out against when the Labour Movement had worked for every man and every woman to have the right to one vote.

Dr Muscat stated that the Opposition tries to grasp at every straw, as it had done regarding the deficit of the first two months and on the equity release scheme. Dr Muscat stated that Government would again end up with a surplus when accounting is carried out at year’s end. Regarding equity release, the Prime Minister said this was a voluntary scheme which would safeguard the elderly, some of whom were having to give up their homes in order to gain admittance to homes for the elderly.

The Prime Minister also referred to Air Malta’s first profits, saying that just as in the case of Enemalta, the airline had been rescued from bankruptcy as Government had not been afraid to implement changes where necessary, adding that this had been done in the interests of the workers themselves and of the country.


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