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Opposition presents motion for Zonqor to be returned to Government

The Nationalist Party has presented a motion to Speaker Anglu Farrugia for the land at Zonqor to be taken back by Government and not to remain in the hands  of Sadeen Education Investment company.

Nationalist Party deputy leader David Agius said Sadeen had not managed to attract the number of students as stipulated in the contract, and which was to have reached 300 in the first year. He added that only 15 students had applied for the American University of Malta, and a number of lecturers had to be made redundant, and the number of students forecast for next year had to be halved.

David Agius added that already five environmental oganisations were calling fo the land to be given back to the public. Mr Agius added that he hoped Government would discuss this motion quickly so that the Zonqor land would be given back to the public and be part of the Inwadar National Park. Mr Agius stated that this land should not be allowed to be taken over by speculators, particularly when it is outside a development zone.

The Opposition spokesman for the environment, Karol Aquilina, stated that since contractual obligations and the main aim for which the land had been given had not been met, the land should be given back to the public. Dr Aquilina added that the Opposition is indicating from the very beginning of the year that it will be serious and will be focusing on what the people want.

Labour Party’s reaction:

In a reaction, the PL said the PN are trying to latch on to interpretations of statements being taken out of context, to continue fighting the same negative agenda as Simon Busuttil. The PL said it would be better for the PN to recall that in recent months Government had indicated on more than one occasion that work on the Zonqor campus by the American University of Malta, AUM, will start when the Cospicua campus, which includes the restoration and a new lease of life for Dock Number One, will be serving its purpose and more expansion is needed.







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