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Opposition to request investigation of direct orders for cleaning services at SVDP – Adrian Delia

The Nationalist Party leader has stated that the Opposition will request that direct orders for cleaning services at St Vincent de Paule will be investigated. Regarding the transfer of land to the Corinthia Group, Dr Delia reiterated that the Nationalist Party will not permit a business deal to be made to the detriment of the Maltese people. Dr Delia further stated that a Nationalist Government will give back to families all the monies being stolen from them through the water and electricity bills.

Interviewed on NetFm, Dr Delia stated that the Opposition will request the Auditor General to investigate the series of direct orders given to the  same contractor for cleaning services at the St Vincent de Paule residence. Dr Delia added that these were not made in the people’s best interests, and were also not made in the best interests of other businesses when no call was made for offers.

The Opposition leader stated that one company which had to provide cleaning services for a few months ended up being given nine million euro over three years. Dr Delia added that in instances where illegalities and abuses occur, the Opposition wants action to be taken rather than just speaking about them.

Regarding the transfer of land overlooking St George’s Bay to the Corinthia Group, the Nationalist leader said the Opposition will carry out continuous scrutiny to ensure everything is done with transparency. Dr Delia said he is not against the tourism part of the project,  but rather, against speculation of a 30,000 square metre parcel of public land which was being handed over for just 51 million euro. Dr Delia added that this was going to be a free gift from Government to one company. The Nationalist Party, the speaker added, would not allow a business deal to the detriment of the Maltese people, as had happened in the case of the three hospitals being given to Vitals.

Today, the speaker added, in the same manner as families were being robbed on public land, they were also being robbed through high and more frequent water and electricity bills. Dr Delia said this had been confirmed by the Court, which had not accepted the preliminary arguments presented by the ARMS lawyers on the computation of the bills. Dr Delia stated that in light of the Court’s decision, the Nationalist Party will continue to insist that the theft through the bills be brought to an end, and if Government is not prepared to accept this, a Nationalist Government will give back to families all monies stolen through water and electricity bills.

In his reaction, the Parliamentary Secretary for People with a Disability and Active Aging categorically denied the allegations of the Opposition leader about contracts awarded through a direct order to provide cleaning services for St Vincent de Paule. In a statement, he said that he has no problem with the Auditor General investigating these allegations.  The Parliamentary Secretary said that he had never given a direct order, was never involved in the process to award a particular contract and does not even have the authority to award contracts or direct orders. It was stated that the process is completely transparent and according to established procedures. The PS accused the Opposition Leader of using the services for the elderly for partisan purposes.

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