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Organisers requested €6,000 from beauty pageant contestant who dropped out

The organisers of the Miss World Malta contest have instituted a Court case against a former participant, requesting payment of 6,000 euro in damages, on the grounds that she did not honour the terms of her contract.

The organisers, Suzanne Rossi and Claudia Dalli, are alleging that Leanne Manicolo contravened the conditions of the December 2009 contract, which had been tied in with the Miss World Malta Contest 2010.

Under the terms of the contract Manicolo had to attend all activities tied to the contest, and in the event of being unable to do so for a valid reason, she had to pre-advise the organisers in writing. The contract further stated that if participant is excluded because of non-observance of the conditions, she would be obliged to pay the sum of 6,000 euro.

Manicolo had advised the organisers that she could not continue to take part in the contest as she was pregnant, and had presented a mdical certificate from her family doctor as proof of this. The organisers, however, requested other evidence, and for this reason asked her to also provide a certificate from a gynaecologist.

The organisers say this latter certificate never arrived, and the issue had stopped at this point.

The Court, Magistrate Gabriella Vella presiding, observed that Manicolo had never been excluded from the contest, since the last correspndence between the organisers and the participant had been a request for a gynaecologist’s certificate. For this reason the Court concluded that the organisers were not entitled to the damages stipulated in the contract.



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