Orthodox priest punished over wife’s sinful behaviour

An Orthodox Priest in Russia’s Urals region, has been exiled to a remote village after his wife took part in a beauty contest during Lent.

Oksana Zotova, who runs a beauty salon in the city of Magnitogorsk, won the Miss Sensuality prize attracting a wave of criticism when people realised she was the priest’s wife.

Once religious authorities became aware of the story, the priest Sergei Zotov was immediately dismissed from his post at Magnitogorsk’s Cathedral of the Ascension of Christ. He was sent to Fershampenuaz, 65km away from Magnitogorsk.

The chair of the Diocese Court, Feodor Saprykin said it was a great sin that the wife of a priest exposes herself for show. He insisted that his wife must repent on account of her actions.

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