Over 1,600 persons suffer from a type of disorder linked with food consumption

5.5% of Maltese children aged between 10 and 16 suffer from a type of disorder linked to food consumption Рa total of over 1,600 persons. This phenomenon is more common among female youths, with 90% of those affected are women. However, the proportion of young boys who suffer from this type of disorder is subtantial.

Nutritionist Shylene Taliana said that statistics on this condition is similar to that of other European Union countries, adding that the factors leading to the condition are different. Although what we see on the social media has an important role in this regard, disroder linked with food consumption may be symptoms of other hidden causes, such as a trauma that a person went through in the past.

Ms Taliana stated that anorexia and bulimia are two completely different conditions – the first restricts food when the person concerned chooses not to consum enough food. Bulimia is when a person loses control and eats a large amount of food and then vomits the food or carries out secret excessive exercise.

Asked by ‘Popolin’ presenter about the symptoms that unveil a person who suffers from bulimia, Ms Taliana said that one notices the behavior of the persons after eating, his teeth condition, the person’s fingers and the fact that the person isolates oneself.

“It is essential that we focus on the person’s health and not on numbers shown on scales, especially where children are concerned”, she added.