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Over 750 complaints were lodged by consumers this year

Over 750 complaints were lodged with the Competition and Consumers Affairs Authority by the end of November. The majority of complaints consisted on defects in electronic products and appliances. The authority also receives complaints on voucher purchases.

With an average of over two daily complaints by consumers, the MCCA said that the consumer cannot be accommodated if, at the moment the product or service is purchased, he hasn’t the agreed product purchase on black and white.

Interviewed by TVM, the Information Director at MCCA, Odette Vella, stated that when a consumer is given deceitful information and the product has defects, he has the right for a remedy. “We try to reach a amicable agreement between both sides. This is done in the majority of cases after we explain to the seller about his obligations and that the consumer’s complaint is according to law”.

Ms Vella added that if agreement is not reached, the consumer may seek other legal remedies. “With a very informal process, a consumer may present the case to the tribunal and an arbiter will decide about the complaint and is given compensation or remedy according to law”.

She added that the Authority received over 700 complaints during the first eleven months of the year and emphasized that the products need to have a guarantee of not less than two years. On vouchers, Ms Vella appealed to consumers to have a good look at their conditions and follow the expiry date.

“Once the voucher is issued, the seller cannot change the conditions and is even obliged to honour the conditions he listed on the vouchers”.

She explained that consumers should ask whether the product may be changed upon its purchase; that the receipt has the return conditions while consumers need to keep the fiscal receipts for some time as a proof of the purchased product.

Other rights apply in favour of consumers when they purchase products on internet or teleshopping, such as a two-week period to send the product back while the consumer has to pay the postage costs but has a right for a refund.

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