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Over 7,500 workers receive financial compensation

Over 8,100 persons or their heirs have received between them over 44 million euro during the past three years as financial compensation on anomalies they had when still in employment. This year’s payments are being delivered during these days, while the Government has already allocated another thirteen million euro for next year’s payments.

Over 7,500 persons will receive financial compensation for anomalies and injustices they suffered when they were still in employment. Former corps workers, stevedores and police officers, together with former Gas Board and Malta Electricity Board workers will receive between them €11.7 million.

Permanent Secretary at the Family Ministry, Mark Musu’, said that the biggest number of beneficiaries – some 3,000 – are former labour corps workers before they entered into public service in January 1979.

He added that a compensation will be given for the first time to former corps members who joined the public sector and to former Gas Board workers. Mr Musu’ stated that former corps and Gas Board workers will receive €7 million between them.

656 former stevedores or their heirs will receive between them €2.7 million according to an agreement with the General Workers’ Union.

Just over 2,500 police officers who weren’t paid overtime between September 1993 and December 2009 will receive a compensation totalling €2 million according to the agreement with police unions.

This year, former Malta Electricity Board workers will receive their final payment on their case which goes back to almost 50 years.

Family Minister Michael Falzon stated that the Government had no legal obligation to pay for the past injustices, however this was an electoral promise which started being implemented in 2017.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna stated that the Government has a moral obligation to give this compensation, stressing that this can be done due to the strong economy.

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