Ozone level over Antarctic at lowest level registered in recent years

After the stratospheric ozone level appeared for some time to be recovering, it has been noted recently that the ozone level over the Antarctic is presently at the lowest level registered in recent years.

In comments to tvm.com.mt climate expert Dr Charles Galdies explained that this has an effect on some 25 million square kilometres, which is roughly the size of all the European landmass and Russia, which alone is over 17 million square kilometres. Dr Galdies explained that the main effect of this situation is the amount of ultraviolet rays which can be dangerous to life, as they can add to the risk of skin cancer among other issues.

The climate expert explained that this drop in the Antarctic ozone is the result of gases caused by refrigerators and air conditioners, among others, as these gases are capable of destroying the ozone molecules.

Dr Galdies added that although the Montreal Protocol helped for the ozone layer to start to recover, much still remains to be done for the stratospheric ozone to return to normal. Dr Galdies added that what is happening in the Antarctic confirms the need for governments to continue with enforcement as necessary with the aim of stopping the use of ozone-damaging chemicals.