Paceville incident: Some of those recovering in hospital to be released today

The first of the 16 patients being treated at Mater Dei after the Paceville incident in the early hours of Sunday morning, will be released some time today. Meanwhile, the two young girls who are recovering in ITU are now in a stable condition. This was stated by Mater Dei’s Chief Executive, Ivan Falzon, in an interview during the breakfast show TVAM after the accident which left around 70 people injured.

Mr Falzon said that the situation remains the same as yesterday, in other words, there are 16 patients being treated at the hospital. Out of these, six had to have a surgical operations, which were carried out on Sunday. He said that the treatment plan for these 16 patients would continue over the next few days. He added, “if everything goes according to plan, we will see the first few patients being sent home today”.

Mater Dei’s CEO said that most of the remaining 16 patients had suffered head injuries as well as other injuries as a result of falling from a certain height.

Referring to the 13-year-old and 15-year-old girls who are still in ITU, Mr Falzon said that they are now in  a stable condition and their medical treatment was going according to plan.