Packages which you order from abroad may start arriving the next day

The time which one spends waiting for a package to arrive from abroad may soon come to an end.

A new foreign company, the first of its kind in the world, will start delivering packages to and from Malta the day after a person orders an item.

The company started operating form Malta recently and is planning to create new jobs and opportunities in this sector.

Technological advances have led to the point that within a few months someone who orders a package online in the morning will see it arriving later on that same day.

The Bulgarian company Dronamics, which has chosen Malta to open its headquarters has been working on this technology for seven years, so that a package will no longer arrive by plane, but by drone.

Interviewed by this newsroom The Founder and CEO of Dronamics, Svilen Rangelov, said that apart from a package arriving on the same day it is ordered, it will also cost the consumer less.

“The mission of Dronamics is to enable same day shipping for everyone, everywhere … and we have created a new type of cargo drone, … it looks like an airplane … it’s essentially an airplane but without a pilot on board … it can carry 350 kilograms at a distance of up to 2,500 kilometres … so in Malta it’s pretty much everywhere in Europe and North Africa, we can ship same day”.

Rangelov said that the building and operation of these drones which the company is managing to build are much less than the planes we know today.

Asked why his company chose to base itself in Malta,  Rangelov replied that the strategic position of the country and the efficiency of the authorities concerned have convinced him to take this step.

He said that between the pilots who will fly the drones from land and the setting up of the whole logistic system, the company is expected to create hundreds of jobs in Malta.

“It was a very obvious choice … but we are also very much relying on the practicalness and the structural efficiency which the Government has set up for business like us to thrive here”.

Rangelov said that right now Dronamics is waiting for its aviation licence to be issued by Transport Malta with the first flights expected to start in the first six months of next year.

Dronamics is one of the companies participating in the Malta Aviation Conference Expo (MACE), a conference which is being held in our country for the third year running, which brings together the highest authorities and companies related to aviation.

The Transport Minister Ian Borg said that with the concrete steps which Malta has taken in aviation, and the setting up of the Aviation Authority, this industry will continue to grow and be an important stimulus for the Maltese economy.