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Paintings inspire a hankering for the natural

In an exhibition which combines the figurative with the surreal, Alfie Gatt’s paintings instigate and inspire a hankering for the natural. ‘Love Letter’ is a collection of very imaginative artistic works.

Alfie Gatt is a young artist who is inspired by silence and solitude. He admits that his artistic works are inspired by a sense of surrealism which is close to dreams.

‘Love Letter’ is an exhibition which is being held at a Valletta art gallery, with a number of exhibits communicating a spread of human emotions, ranging from placid expressions to vivacious memories which bring on nostalgia.

The artist says the scenes communicate the detachment between the body and the mind, and the contrast between limitations and imagination.

“I wanted to create this effect of a style of transition between the body and the mind, the body which is present whilst the mind is elsewhere, in imaginations and nostalgic thoughts…”

Alfie Gatt adds that the crucial factor which contributed to his personal observations is technology and how the internet culture is leaving its imprint on the quality of life, to the detriment of nature.

Gatt says that it is for this reason that his collection of artistic works is based on elements which stand out when man and woman are in their most natural state, as well as how they contrast with artificiality.

‘Love Letter’ will remain open until 17 November.


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