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The Maltese throw away most food throughout the EU

Food is certainly a part of Maltese culture, particularly during festive periods. However, a report published by the EU shows that Malta is the lead country whose people throw away most food.

The report which was designed to provide indications on the problem of food wastage throughout the EU shows that Maltese people throw away an average of 139 kilos of food per person annually. This was the highest rate of food disposal recorded followed by that of the UK with an average of 108 kilos per person. The least food disposal was recorded in Croatia with just 21 kilos per person.

The reduction of such wastage is one of the EU aims to create sustainability. The EU is appealing to Member States that food wastage be reduced by 50% by 2030. The EU Commission identified this problem as one of its priority plans for economic circulation. It is estimated that in a year the whole of the EU throws away 88 million tons of food.