“Pandemic has left an impact on MATSEC exam results” – Marco Bonnici, MUT President

The President of the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) Marco Bonnici believes that the pandemic has affected the results of the MATSEC exams, which were published over the last few days.

tvm.com.mt asked Mr Bonnici for his reaction to the results obtained by students of SEC and MATSEC, with the MUT President making it clear they need to be looked at within the context of Covid.

“Both last year’s scholastic year and the year which has just ended were not normal because of the pandemic. Health took priority over everything and there were frequent disruptions to education.”

Bonnici said that this definitely affected the results and added that even if the percentages of the results were similar to previous years, the experience of students in class and after the exams was definitely affected.

He praised the efforts made by educators, students and their families.

Asked whether in the light of these results something should change, he did not suggest any changes to the assessment of MATSEC exams over the last two years because of the pandemic.

tvm.com.mt took a look at the results at O level, Intermediate and Advanced level exams, and how students fared in the most popular exams.

Ordinary Level

4,938 students sat for O levels.

The subject for which students applied the most was Maths (4,162) followed by English (4,086) and Maltese (3,706).

In Maths, 298 students got a 1 grade, 350 got 2, 495 got 3, 619 got 4, 561 got 5, 410 got 6 and 326 got 7. There were 762 students who did not pass while 341 did not attend the exam.

In English, 177 got a 1, 504 got 2, 741 got 3, 725 got 4, 772 got 5, 263 got 6 and 159 got 7.  575 students did not pass while 170 did not go for the exam.

In Maltese, 104 got 1, 412 got 2, 484 got 3, 886 got 4, 541 got 5, 272 got 6 and 170 got 7. 642 students did not pass, while  194 did not go.

Advanced Level

For the Advanced Level, 4,237 students sat for the exam, with the most popular subject being English with 776, followed by Biology with 594 and Pure Maths with 554.

In English, 13 got an A, 70 B, 274 C, 130 D, 98 E and 78 did not pass, while 113 did not attend.

In Biology, 71 got an A, 114 B,  153 C, 90 D, 70 E, 47 did not pass and 49 did not attend.

In Pure Maths, 44 got an A, 101 B, 136 C, 26 D, 57 E, 140 did not pass and 50 did not attend.

Intermediary Level

At Intermediary Level, the exam for which most students applied was Systems of Knowledge (SOK) with 2,008 followed by 1,579 who sat for English while 1,006 sat for Psychology.

In SOK, 191 got an A, 292 B, 591 C, 344 D, 160 E, 338 did not pass and 92 did not attend.

In English, 26 got an A, 136 B, 469 C, 227 D, 166 E, 341 F and 214 did not attend.

In Psychology, 53 got an A, 95 B, 209 C, 126 D, 90 E, 220 did not pass and 213 did not attend.