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Panorama Hotel in Mellieħa – permit approved for additional floor

The Planning Authority Board has approved permission to build another floor on the Panorama hotel in Mellieħa which is currently six storeys high. The application provoked various reactions also because the permit was approved with eight votes in favor and three against.

The Panorama hotel in Mellieħa overlooking Għadira will be increased by one storey instead of three storeys, as originally proposed. This after the Planning Authority Board approved a revised application.

According to the revised plans, the floor will be retracted and will have a small garden around it. Project Architect Colin Zammit said the revised plants reduced the visual impact of the extension.

Professor Victor Axiaq, representing the Environment and Resources Authority, said that after plans were changed, the opinion of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, who had objected to the original proposal due to the impact on the appearance of Mellieħa Church, would be sought again.

The Planning Directorate had recommended the refusal of the permit because the application went against Planning laws on account of large walls on a high edge in a prominent area. It went on to add that the present hotel was already above the limit set in the local plan for the area.

The Mellieħa Local Council and the Directorate for Environmental Health had objected to this extension and the Association Together for a Better Environment said that this permit goes against the Prime Minister’s promise for buildings that respect the Maltese villages and landscape.