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Parliament water seepage continues despite maintenance works carried out

According to Speak Anglu Farrigia, the Parliament building continues to leak water despite the maintenance works carried out to address problems which existed from the outset, causing problems for employees and Parliamentarians alike.

Speaker Angelo Farrugia said “some problems remain and I will be holding a meeting with GHRC to see how best to tackle this. Remedial work needs be carried out as soon as possible. I’m still not satisfied with the works carried out. ”

Dr Farrugia explained that there was still percolating water in the Opposition Chambers and Parliamentarian Chambers.

The Speaker said he was waiting for works to start on the second level below street level where the library will be situated, Parliament archives and other rooms.

“We are now waiting for the tender to be finalised so that an iron structure is erected so that as soon as possible, no later than twelve months from today, the minus 2 level will be in an advanced stage. ”

Dr Farrugia said that Belt is-Sebħ had been identified as the location from where childcare services would be offered for children of Members of Parliament and employees. He said that until this was up and running, the temporary arrangement inside the Parliament building would remain in place. .

The Speaker said that Parliament continued throughout Summer with Committee meetings taking place on account of special sittings.

The Speaker also presided over the publication of “Democratic Governance in a Digital Era” which includes a collection of works and conferences held in Parliament on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary since the setting up of the Department of Public Policy at the University of Malta.

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