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Part of Central Link project to be completed by September

The first part of the Central Link project to be completed is the area in front of the Sant’Anton Palace up to Wied Inċita in Ħ’Arrard. Minister Ian Borg said that this part is expected to be ready by the end of next September.

The Central Link project’s works, which will connect the Imrieħel bypass up to the beginning of Saqqajja Hill, has gained ground as the roads are now nearly deserted by traffic due to the Covid-19 measures.

Foundations of the new lanes between Imrieħel and the Wied Inċita area are being built, with works that include excavations, the laying of new road foundations and the building of other underground foundations and the walls above them.

Currently, the works also include the laying of new sewage systems and rainwater catchment pipes. “We anticipate that, due to the progress of the project, the substantial part of middle section from Sant’Anton Palace near the Mount Carmel hospital, will be completed by next September”.

Infrastructure and Capital Projects Minister, Ian Borg, said that measures are being taken to protect workers involved in Infrastructure Malta projects from the Coronavirus spread, in consultation with the health authorities.

Infrastructure Malta says that the €55 million project will reduce traveling time, improves the air quality and provide safer facilities for alternative travel means between Imrieħel and Ta’ Qali.