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Parties’ electoral machinery has slowed down but is still active

Two weeks after the general elections, the electoral machinery of the two parties has slowed down but is stil active, as next week there will be the casual elections to elect another 12 MPs who will fill the seats which were relinquished by those candidates who were elected on two districts.

Meanwhile, next week the process to appoint a new Labour Deputy Leader responsible for Parliametnary Affairs will take place, with the election set to take place in mid-July. The schedule to appoint the new leadership of the Nationalist Party will be known within the coming weeks.

Now that the Cabinet has been formed and the work of the new administration has started, the next Constitutional step will be the reconvening of Parliament. However, before Parliament meets there are two days of activity at the Counting Hall in Naxxar. On Tuesday there will be the casual elections to elect 7 Labour MPs, following the relinquishing of seats by candidates from two electoral districts. On Wednesday there will be the casual elections to elect 5 MPs for the Nationalist Party.

The work of the Electoral Commission in connection with the general elections, however, has not stopped, as three other casual elections need to be held to fill the places at Local Council level where councillors have now been elected to Parliament. These include Byron Camilleri who was Mayor of Fgura, Clint Camilleri, former Mayor of Qala and Alex Muscat a former Mosta councillor.  Later on there need to be casual elections to elect another MEP in the name of the Nationalist Party after Therese Comodini Cachia resigned from the European Parliament.

The two political parties also have to carry out internal elections for posts within the party.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the Labour Party will be accepting nominations for the post of Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs, after the decision by Louis Grech not to contest the general elections. The person electd to this post will also serve as Deputy PM.

Next week the PL will also accept nominations for four administrative posts: Party President, Vice- President, Organisational Secretary and International Secretary.  The voting will take place during the Extraordinary General Conference which will begin on Thursday 13 July and which will continue the next day. During this conference, as stipulated in the Labour Party statute following every general election, a secret vote of confidence has to be taken in the PM and Party Leader, Joseph Muscat, and in the Deputy Leader of Party Affairs, Chris Cardona.

If there are more than two candidates for the election of Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs and neither of them obtains 50% + 1 of the valid votes cast, another round of voting needs to take place between the two candidates who obtain the highest number of votes on Saturday 15 July.

While the PL will have concluded its internal elections with those elected being appointed to their respective posts by mid-July, the same cannot be said for the PN which is expected to take several more weeks to conclude its process of appointing a new leadership and administration. A spokesperson for the PN told Television Malta that on Monday the Party’s Executive will meet to approve the regulations and to meet with the Electoral Commission which will be leading the whole process. This  means that the schedule for internal elections is expected to be in place by Monday.  A spokesman for the PN explained that before this schedule can be launched, the General Council needs to meet to approve what was decided by the Executive.

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