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Parts and objects of M.V. Lord Strickland vessel donated to Heritage Malta

A number of objects related with MV Lord Strickland vessel, donated by Charles De Micoli and his son Beppe De Micoli to Heritage Malta, will enhance the local Maritime History. Following restoration, the objects will be exhibited at the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa.

Built as an anti-explosive vessel at sea during World War II, the vessel was no longer used by the Royal Navy and was purchased by Anglia Shipping Company. Giuseppe De Micoli, Charles father, was one of the company major shareholders. The vessel underwent alterations to be used for transport of passengers and merchandise between Malta and Siracuse.

In 1950, the vessel was sold to legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau who named it Calypso and was famously used for his well-known adventures.

Following the war, many of the Royal Navy ships were abandoned and the Anglia Shipping Company took the opportunity to purchase one of these vessel which were no longer used by the military.

Mr De Micoli said “After they bought the vessel, alterations were made for its new service, including the building of an adequate deck”. A small rounded window and a deep glass window, which were removed from the vessel during the alterations, now form part of the recent donation received by Heritage Malta.

The other objects consist of two bilges which were close to the vessels engines and were used as sea water catchment and pumping; an oil pump used in 45-gallon tanks; together with a leaflet and photographs of the vessel.

Charles and Beppe De Micoli said they are proud to have donated the objects to Heritage Malta to form part of the national collection and that these will now be appreciated by visitors at the Maritime Museum.