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Patient receives oxygen machine for her lung problem caused by Covid-19

During these three weeks, Mary Jane Cutajar, who is seeking a lung transplant, has received support from various persons so that she lives a better life until the transplant is carried out.

Interviewed by TVM, Mary Jane recalled how after an interview during the news she was given a portable oxygen machine to assist her in respirating better. The donation was made following contacts by Josette Frendo, founder of Smiling with Jerome, who received the equipment from a privat company. Mary Jane suffered a lung problem after she contracted the Covid virus. “Jerome is an angel in heaven….he inspired her to contact me and I used to say I may buy the machine by Christmas. The machine costs €2,500, it is expesive”.

Josette Frendo said that after her son died with cancer a few years ago, she decided to assist persons in need, including cancer patients and persons with disability. “You acquire strength from God….after what happened you need support to move on. Obviously I cry every day….I say Jerome would have graduated…it is very hard, at the same we are assisting others through the foundation”.

Another person assisting Mary Jane is former Police sergeant Simon Schembri who was grievously injured in an accident during his duty. He told TVM that although the trauma was difficult to defeat, he decided to move on and looks forward for a better future. “You have to move on with the assistance of others as well, both financially, morally and with other persons’ courage”.

Mary Jane is now looking forward to travel to Palermo where she hopes to find a matching lung for her transplant.