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PC Schembri taken off life support machines – helmet saved his life

The lastest reports received from Mater Dei say that PC Simon Schembri is responding well to treatment and has been removed from life support machines. He is still in the ITU and is in stable condition after being operated on for the serious injuries he sustained, especially to his arm. Sources who spoke to TVM said that the helmet saved his life, Meanwhile his case has shocked the entire country, and traumatized the Police Corps, especially his colleagues who work in the traffic division.

The day after the accident in which PC Schembri was dragged for several metres after being hit by a car driven by teenager Liam Debono, the atmosphere at the traffic police division was one of great sorrow. Inspector Pierguido Saliba, who leads this division, told TVM that it was not easy in the first few hours after the accident, for members from his division to continue working as usual. He said that, despite this, the Police, not only from his division but throughout the whole Police Force, will remain loyal to the oath they took.

“Apart from being police officers, we are human, so all of us were deeply affected; we are one family, he is like our brother. They tried to kill one of our siblings. But ultimately, we have a job to do and we need to abide by the oath we took to protect and serve society. Our duty is to our job.”

Inspector Saliba appealed to drivers to show more respect towards police officers, who are only doing their job.

“A person may make a mistake and that’s alright, because as police officers, apart from protecting the citizen, our work is to also see that laws are enforced.”

Inspector Edward Zammit, who leads the Force’s Counselling Unit told TVM that the unit, together with the Chaplain, and the Victim Support Unit with the Police Force, began speaking to police from the traffic division immediately after the accident, to give them help they needed.

“Most of the time, the police are capable of overcoming the challenges and emotional effects of such cases because of their experience and the training they would have received. But at other times, when the stress is very great, we have to introduce professional services for more support to cope with these difficult moments.”

The two associations who represent the police said on Saturday that they were going to organise a solidarity walk.

In a message posted on her Facebook profile, Leah Schembri, the daughter of the injured police officer, thanked all those who showed solidarity with her family while praying for justice to be done. She said that her father has been in the Force of 22 years, has saved lives and has given his whole heart to his job to help those in need.

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