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PD calls on authorities to consider impact of AUM application

Democratic Party leader, Godfrey Farrugia called on authorities to consider the impact which the American University of Malta’s application will have with the building of three open spaces at the Cospicua shoreline. He said that a five-storey height  building will be built instead of the concrete stairs near the University and in two other areas, including the area were dockyard workers used to park. Addressing the media, Dr Farrugia stated that this development will leave consequences on Cospicua residents and on students attending the American University of Malta.

The Democratic Party candidate, Anthony Buttigieg, told journalists that the educational system should be decentralized, formal education should be similar to that of Scandinavian countries, psycho-social assistance should be provided and consideration should be given to the increase of obligatory age for students to continue studying till 18 years of age.

The Democratic Party is also proposing continuous training for teachers and better stipends for students who choose subjects, such as science and economy.

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