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“People need to take care of country’s cleanliness in the same way they keep their own homes clean” – PM

The Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party Joseph Muscat has urged local councils to help clean the country and reduce waste.

During a political activity with the theme, Localities of Tomorrow in Swater, he said that he was not happy with the state of cleanliness in the country. He said that people need to take care of the country’s cleanliness in the same way they keep their own homes clean. Dr Muscat said that this point will be given priority in the electoral manifesto of the PL for every town and village.

Speaking about the surplus, Dr Muscat said that the Government can use this to distribute benefits and rectify injustices. He mentioned the €11 million which is going to be distributed between 6,000 people who had suffered some form of injustice at their place of work in the past.

The PM said that the surplus is being used to issue the cheques being sent to families and also mentioned that the extra tax which was paid on car registrations between 2003 – 2007 is being refunded.

Dr. Muscat said that the Government believes it should solve these things, but to do this, the economy needs to be strong. He said that money from the surplus should go to the families who are most in need.

The Labour Leader said that the cardinal point which he will keep stressing in this campaign is the game which the PN tried to play so that elections would not be held in 23 localities.

He added that in contrast to the PN, the PL does not fear being judged and will bow its head to the will and verdict of the people.

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