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‘People sometimes feel they are just a number during Mass’ – Parish Priests

Why are Mass attendances dwindling?

What annoys people during Mass?

What steps is the Church taking after releasing statistics which show only 40% of the faithful attend Sunday Mass?

During TVAM, two parish priests – Fr Joe Mizzi and Fr Josef Mifsud – discussed the survey which had been carried out on the Mass. The survey had shown that only 40% of Catholics attend Sunday Mass. Another survey carried out by the Church shows that 70% of Maltese Christians attend Mass once a month.

Fr Joe Mizzi explained that the reality of social life is changing at a fast pace, and the reality of Mass even more so.

The 70 Parish Priests in Malta got together in the past days and discussed the survey on Mass.

The Parish Priests noted during the interview that it is the responsibility of every priest to make proper preparation for every mass, and this not only for the homily, but also in regard to hymns, readings and the Church settings as well.

They also noted the importance of the community, and that people should not consider themselves numbers during Mass. In this regard, the Parish Priests stated that certain parishes are taking the initiative to ‘create’ a community, even with small matters like offering tea of coffee at the end of the mass.

See the full TVAM interview on TVMi.  TVAM is broadcast at 7.00 a.m. Monday to Friday.

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