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People with a disability feel they do not have enough access to certain services

In a study carried out among people with disabilities, including children with autism and those with mental challenges, it resulted that they feel they do not have enough access to certain services. The research, carried out by the Inspire Foundation with the support of the Richmond Foundation, has led to the launching of an online platform by means of which people with a disability can be given useful information about various sectors including education and health.

Research carried out among 25 people with various forms of disability including those who are visually impaired, those who are deaf, people with mental challenges, autism and physical disabilities found that these people have a lack of information about their rights.

The study was carried out by Lara Bezzina who said that the interviews were carried out with the support of the foundations and NGOs which represent various forms of disability.

“There is a lack of accessibility, and not only physical access, but even when we talk about health services for those who are deaf, or students who are visually impaired who have obstacles because they do not have the equipment they need.”

Lara Bezzina mentioned cases she came across in her research including that of a man who, when he came to do an interview to work as a teacher, was told that he should have informed them that he has a disability before he came to the interview. A woman who is deaf said that when she has a hospital appointment she needs to take another person with her in order to communicate, while a person who suffers from Obsessive Compulsion Disorder suffers from anxiety when she has to wait in a queue to be served.

This project by the Inspire Foundation with the support of the Richmond Foundation led to the launching of a platform, which provides useful information for questions which one may have on access to education, employment, justice and entertainment. The online platform also includes an audio-visual format so that it will truly be accessible to all.

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