People with rare diseases and their caregivers should receive Covid-19 vaccine immediately

The National Alliance for Rare Disease Support said it would continue to be the voice of those people who individually may be a minority but together, in their diversity, were a great force. Alliance President Michelle Muscat, reiterated the call on health authorities for people with rare diseases and their caregivers to he given the coronavirus vaccine.

On International Rare Disease Day, the National Alliance for Rare Disease Support, symbolically commemorated this day in a place where children usually play and gather. President Michelle Muscat said the Union was raising awareness about patients with rare diseases who, because of Covid-19 were ending up in isolation.

” We often associate open air playgrounds with families who come here to have fun, for children to play and be carefree. Our members are not always be able to do this, especially this year. For our members, even simply being in a playing field is not safe so we are here to show that it’s not an equal playing field for all, in order that we continue to support and continue to be the voice of these people, so that their life may be better. ”

Ms Muscat reiterated the importance of awareness of rare diseases among healthcare professionals, policy makers and society at large. While acknowledging the Government’s plan for coronavirus vaccination, she urged health authorities to put patients with rare diseases on a par with vulnerable groups who are being vaccinated immediately, as soon as possible. Thus far, only a few of them have received the invitation to the vaccine.

The Alliance honored Dr. Chris Barbara, Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott, Dr. William Buttigieg and Mrs. Josette Azzopardi for the valuable work and support they have given to this association since its inception six years ago.