UPDATED: LSE who works at Luqa’s Skolasajf tests positive for Covid-19

A Child Support worker who works at Ħal Luqa’s Skolasajf tested positive for Covid-19 after she attended the Hotel Takeover Party. TVM is informed that the educational officer had no symptoms while she was at the school.

The Public Health Superintendency confirmed the case with TVM, adding that the female worker may have been in contact with students and other workers in three classes as her duty was that of a reliever.

Health authorities are currently contacting the parents of the affected children for the necessary swab tests to be carried out.

The school management advised parents to answer the phone today even if they saw an unknown number, and also provided another number where parents could call.

Meanwhile, the health authorities also advised those who attended the feast of Santa Venera go for a swab test. You can follow more related news here:

L-awtoritajiet tas-saħħa javżaw biex min attenda l-marċ f’Santa Venera jagħmel swab test