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UPDATED: Man who installed camera in Mater Dei female toilets released on bail

28-year-old Alexander Borg of Ħaż-Żebbuġ has been released on bail after admitting to installing a camera in a women’s toilet at Mater Dei hospital.

Borg was arraigned in Court and charged with revealing sexual photographs or videos without the person’s consent. Borg, who works as a nurse at Mater Dei, pleaded guilty to the charges.

Screenshots were presented in Court of the footage shot by the camera, together with a list of purchases made in 2018.

Whilst Defence did not contest the validity of the arrest, it requested a ban on publication of the name, to which the Prosecution did not object. The Court, however, turned down this request.

The Prosecution, which is being conducted by Inspectors Colin Sheldon and Sergio Pisani, also explained that the persons involved are not as yet aware of having been victims of this crime. They added that psychological treatment is needed for the accused, and the department where he works at Mater Dei is already assisting in this regard.

Defence Counsel Dr Ishmael Psaila stressed that accused has a clean conduct sheet, and has already admitted and apologised for his actions. Defence appealed to Magistrate Astrid May Grima to take into account the sensitive nature of accused’s duties, and indicated accused may be suffering from psychological conditions.

Dr Psaila argued that a prison sentence could regress accused ‘for a hundred years’, and added that the way forward was a treatment order.

After hearing submissions, the Court acceded to the request for bail, whilst prohibiting accused from travelling abroad, ordering him to sign the bail book at Paola Station every day, and further ordering him te be back indoors by 10.00 p.m. Accused is also tied to a 500 euro deposit and a 5,000 euro personal guarantee.


The man who last month placed a concealed camera inside a women’s toilet at Mater Dei hospital is to be arraigned in Court shortly.

On 17 October the Police had been informed by staff at Mater Dei that during routine cleaning operations in a female toilet, they had come across electronic equipment which was later identified as a small camera.

After being notified, the Police removed the camera, which at that point was no longer functioning as its battery had run out. The Police still investigated the equipment to see what had been shot.

The Police also requested CCTV cameras in order to identify the person who had installed the camera.

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