Person to be arraigned in Court for illegally dumping construction debris near Għallis Tower

Police are expected to arraign in Court a person who was caught illegally dumping construction debris in the vicinity of the Għallis Tower.

This is one case of many reports received by the Department for Cleansing and Maintenance that so far this year has collected and removed 1,240 tons of illegally dumped refuse.

Although with the passage of time public cleanliness is being high priority by the Authorities, there are still those irresponsible and choose to illegally dump refuse.

The Department has installed about 37 security cameras around Malta monitored by the Department’s Officials. The Department’s Director General, Ramon Deguara, gave TVM a rundown of the rubbish and refuse dumped illegally over the last two years.

He said that during 2020 the Department had collected 2,400 tons of illegally dumped construction debris from various abandoned areas that are not lit and refuse is dumped there in the darkness of night.

The Department’s employees have been assigned to the Għallis Tower, an area that has recently been cleansed after illegal dumping caused irreparable environmental damage.

Deguara said that such interventions cost money because expenses may vary from between €7,000 and €10,000 … in this case the person dumping has been caught … and Police are taking procedures for the person to be brought to justice and be made to pay for the expenses caused by the illegal dumping.

Paul Formosa, from the same Division, explained to TVM what employees had cleansed from St Thomas Bay at Marsascala. This included abandoned boats that had been broken down and removed. Formosa was asked what persons have to do to report illegal dumping and what was among the refuse collected.

He said persons can normally call 1718 and make their complaints over which a ticket and a job card will be created detailing findings. These include dead animals such as a dead cow or a dead horse abandoned there and these have to be collected and removed.

Besides the telephone call line reports can also be made via mobile to app Clean and Upkeep and where one may also send an anonymous video.