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“A person was killed capriciously” – the PM on the killing of an immigrant at Ħal Far

This evening’s Labour Party activity took place in Xewkija, Gozo, with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat saying he had put aside his prepared speech to focus on the latest developments in the case of the murder of the Ivory Coast immigrant.

Dr Muscat said this case should cause those who deliver shallow speeches to relent after the years spent sowing hate among the people. The Prime Minister said a person had been capriciously killed and this is not characteristic of the Maltese people and this is not the Malta we want.

The Labour Leader said that slowly but surely the serpent has made its incursion thanks to those who most express xenophobism. He maintained that if the majority allow this matter to go by unheeded, not only would a person have been capriciously killed but the community is rejecting what it really is – a caring community.

The PM said it is true there are many foreigners in the country, but is this a reason to hate them? He said the time has now come to change the political narrative. He drew attention that somebody had said on television these people should be shot at, and this is what happened.

Dr Muscat conveyed a message to foreigners living in Malta, particularly those from the African continent. He assured them that what had happened at Ħal Far is not representative of the Maltese people. He urged those who may be acquainted with a foreigner to stretch out a hand of friendship to them and invite them to dinner to show them what the Maltese people really believe in and what Malta means. He said this is a country that expresses love and not hate.

The Prime Minister emphasised that this case should not cast a negative reflection on the Armed Forces that have been responsible for saving the lives of many thousands from drowning. He said that we should not place all the soldiers in one category but these should be respected for the daily humanitarian work they carry out.

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