Pete Buttigieg will be a member of Joe Biden’s transition team

Pete Buttigieg will be forming part of the transition team of the President-elect of the US, Joe Biden.

Various news rooms, including CNN and Fox News have reported that Buttigieg is now a member of Biden’s team.

In March, Pete Buttigieg had dropped out of the race for the Democratic Party nomination for the Presidential elections. He said that he had dropped out because he hoped the nation and party could heal once again.  He said he had done everything for the Democrats to be able to win the election. At the beginning of February, Pete Buttigieg had won the election in Iowa. Buttigieg was the son of Prof Joseph Buttigieg who emigrated to the US in the 70s, and who died in January of last year.

Meanwhile, although he has not yet been sworn into office, Joe Biden has already got to work and has set up a task force to fight against the pandemic. The President-elect’s team will increase testing and make it obligatory to wear a mask.

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