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Pete Buttigieg withdraws from US Presidential race

The US Presidential candidate of Maltese descendent,  Pete Buttigieg has withdrawn from the race to win the nomination of the Democratic Party for the Presidential election which will be held this year.

In his speech, the former Mayor of Indiana said that he had decided to withdraw because he hopes the nation and the party can reunite once again. He said that he has done this so that the Democrats can win the elections in November.

At the beginning of February, Pete Buttigieg won the Iowa primary as the Democrats started the voting process to choose which candidate would run against US President Donald Trump. Despite this ‘contested’ win, his campaign started losing support over the last few weeks especially in the primary elections which took place in Nevada and South Carolina.

Buttigieg is the son of late Prof Joseph Buttigieg who in emigrated to the US in the 70s. He died in January of last year.