Pharmacist awarded €4,000 compensation following dismissal

The Appeals Court confirmed that the owners of a pharmacy in Marsa should pay €4,000 in compensation to a former female employee following their termination of her employment when she had a baby. Instead, they employed another female employee who wasn’t married and had no children.

Anita Cassar Bellizzi referred her case to the Industrial Tribunal for compensation as she maintained that she was discriminated when her post as Managing Pharmacist at San Raffael Pharmacy was unjustly terminated.

The Court, presided by Judge Anthony Ellul, considered that Cassar Bellizzi started working part-time with the pharmacy in 2008, and three months later she changed to full-time work with reduced hours. After two and a half years she had a baby and when she returned to work from maternity leave was informed that the pharmacy needed a person that worked long hours.

Although she accepted this condition, no agreement could be reached on the salary as the owners refused to pay her €2,000 a month. She therefore had to resign and another person was employed with a €1,800 monthly salary.

The Court considered that although the new pharmacist had a lower salary, she had less experience and that it was not true that Cassar Bellizzi didn’t want to work full-time because she worked in her following job, after being dismissed, on a full-time basis.

The Appeals Court confirmed the sentence by the tribunal of discriminatory treatment and decided that although the woman found a job immediately, she was entitled to a €4,000 compensation.