Photo of toddler which has shocked the world

He might be one years old or perhaps slightly older. He is laying face down, with his head turned to one side, with his waist slightly raised, in that position so preferred by children when they fall asleep. The difference is that this child is surrounded by seawater and his body is lifeless.

The boy, wearing a red T-shirt, blue trousers and Velcro shoes, was one of 12 who drowned on Wednesday just off the coast of Turkey, and who were swept ashore by sea currents.

migrant boy dead 1The photo of the boy laying on the sand as an official approaches him, has gone viral, especially on Twitter with the hashtag #KıyıyaVuranİnsanlık or “Flotsam of Humanity” in Turkish.

No humanity

Some have hoped that the photo of the lifeless toddler laying on the beach would move the world’s leaders to take immediate action on the huge immigration crisis which is affecting Europe on every front.

Nadim Houry, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch for the Middle East, and South Africa described the photo as “chilling”.

“We do not know the boy’s name as yet, nor where he came from, although the governor’s office in Turkey said that the boy and the other victims were among a group of Syrian refugees trying to get to Greece and the island of Kos.