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Photograph of Royal couples changes her life

Karen Anvil made her fame and fortune through a photograph she managed to take of two couples in the British Royal Family.

The photograph she took was so good, and caught the couples at the perfect moment, that it sold far more than professional photographs taken by experienced photographers.

Karen Anvil said in an interview on Sky News that she never imagined the photograph, taken on a mobile phone, would be so successful.

Karen stated that on the strength of what she earned from the photograph she managed to renovate her home, travel abroad for the first time in her life, throw out her old mattress and replace it with a complete new bed.

Karen thanked the Royal Family wholeheartedly and wished them health and all the happiness in the world, even if they don’t know her story. Thanks to the photograph, Karen could also give up her part-time work and dedicate more time to her family.

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