Photographer gets lucky with ‘monkey in the abyss’

A Maltese-Swedish photographer has won a prestigious photographic competition with a photograph entitled “From the Abyss”, which he had shot when travelling in Japan. Johan Siggesson, who lives in Malta, won a prize in the category for animals in the wild, as part of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 competition.

Siggesson won with this photograph of a Japanese monkey known as a snow monkey, with her left hand dangling on the edge of one of the hot springs in Hell Valley. The photographer said it is easy to photograph these monkeys in Japan, but it is not so simple to come across them in a different setting.

Siggesson added in a statement that he was happy with this award, and feels honoured to have been chosen by the experienced judging panel in a sector which has stiff competition. In previous years the winning photographs were viewed by some 250,000 persons, and the Maltese-Swedish photographer’s work is also expected to be shown in various exhibitions to be mounted in the UK next year.


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