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PHOTOS: Drugs and fake money seized in mail packages

Customs reported that last week its officers stationed at the Maltapost headquarters in Qormi intercepted two packages with drugs substance (photo).

Customs said in a statement that there were 12 bags with marijuana and two packages containing pills in a package which originated from Canada. It was pointed out that the package was address to a man from Birżebbuġa who was arraigned in Court three weeks ago after he received another package containing drugs.

In another envelope addressed to a person who lives in the north of Malta, a plastic bag with marijuana substance was seized.

In another package which arrived from China, Customs officers seized more than $100,000 in fake banknotes.

The Police was informed with the seizures for further investigations.

Meanwhile, Customs said it resumed with enforcement on contraband cigarettes. Last week, 4,200 contraband cigarettes were seized, more than half of the amount at the airport before being smuggled in Malta and the rest in shops at St Julian’s, Paola and Żebbuġ.