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Pilatus Bank denies having any documents belonging to Muscat family

The Pilatus Bank has issued a statement welcoming the Magisterial inquiry and the Police investigation because it said that would determine the facts and dispel the various roomers which have been stated in the media and blogs over the last few days.

The Bank stated that it does not have any connection with  the companies  Hearnville, Tillgate and Egrant, nor were there any accounts held under those names. It added that no payments were ever made to these companies through Pilatus Bank. It also denied that the Bank ever held any documents which belong to the PM, his wife or members of his family.

The Bank also declared that no members of the Muscat family were ever clients of the Bank. In its statemnet, the  Pilatus Bank replied to the speculations and what it described as unfounded allegations which were broadcast last night. It said the the Chairman arrived in Malta last night from Washington for a board meeting at the Bank, and the CCTV footage clearly shows him entering and leaving with the same suitcase and briefcase which he had travelled with. The Pilatus Bank said that the allegation that any documents were removed from the bank was just fabrication. The Pilatus Bank has promised its full co-operation with the investigation and the inquiry so that the full truth will come out.

Meanwhile, the intermediary company, Nexia BT has also welcomed the investigation which has been opened. The statement confirmed that Egrant was a shelf company which belonged to Nexia BT. The company added that the beneficiary of Egrant is Brian Tonna the owner of Nexia BT and there was never a bank account in this company’s name. Nexia BT has also promised its full co-operation with the investigation while it has continued to fulfill its duties according to the law and ethical standards as it has done for the last 25 years.