Pink October targets €90,000 for breast cancer treatment equipment

A series of activities will be held in October that include an Arts auction, a motorcycle ride, walks and entertainment events as part of the Pink October national campaign. This year’s campaign is targeting to raise £90,000 for a precision equipment for diagnosis and surgical interventions in breast cancer.

Adrian Fabri, who created the Pink October campaign, said, “The campaign has three principal aims. We want to educate people in prevention; get the necessary support of organisations, businesses to help patients and eventually to raise money so that we will be able to purchase another equipment at the hospital to make the life of patients easier”.

Prime Minister’s wife, Michelle Muscat, encouraged the public to participate in the campaign and contribute to the cause of those suffering from breast cancer. She appealed for more women to undergo tests as not many women are doing the necessary test.

She said, “We try our best to bring out the positive aspect and create hope so that as a community, families and businesses who sponsor the events, we deliver one message of giving a better life to patients”.

This year, Global Capital is the principal sponsor of the Pink October campaign and is inviting other companies to contribute to the cause. Reuben Zammit, Chief Executive of Global Capital, said, “The main objective behind all this is to create more awareness, about the prevention, screening and even a healthy lifestyle. It is all about awareness. An early diagnosis can save lives, so that is the message that we’d like to deliver to the public at large.”

During the presentation of the campaign programme, Dr Denis Vella Baldacchino on behalf of the Ministry of Health, said that around 300 new cases of breast cancer are being identified annually. He said that another national plan on cancer will be published soon.

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