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PL wins Local Councils elections with a majority of over 47,000 votes

464 councillors were elected in Local Councils elections – 268 on behalf of the Labour Party; 192 for the Nationalist Party; two candidates for l-Għarb l-Ewwel and two independent candidates (Żebbuġ Malta and Żebbuġ Gozo).

The Labour Party won these elections with a majority of 47,116. While the Labour Party won 150,514 votes or 57.96%, the Nationalist Party won 103,398 or 39.82%. The other parties and independent candidates won 5,762 votes or 2.22% of the electorate.

Following three days of vote counting of 67 localities, the Labour Party won a majority in 47 localities and the Nationalist Party won the majority in 19 localities, including Imdina where an election was not held for the council because only five persons contested, the same number of elected councillors.

The Labour Party won the Local Councils of Mosta, Siġġiewi, Valletta, St Paul’s Bay and San Ġwann to the detriment of the Nationalist Party which previously had a majority.

The Nationalist Party won the Munxar council from the Labour Party.

At Għarb, the elected councillors will between them decide in the next council meeting who will assume the position of mayor as two councillors were elected on behalf of l-Għarb l-Ewwel and two for the Labour Party. The same occurred in Żebbuġ Gozo where two councillors were elected for the Labour Party and another two for the Nationalist Party. The fifth elected councillor is independent.

273,780 persons voted in the local councils elections or 63.1% of registered voters. There were 14,106 invalid votes or 5.2%.